How much does it cost to visit Eurodisney?

Eurodisney is a great place to visit with your family, but unless you’re careful the trip can end up costing a pretty penny. Fortunately there are many ways to cut costs if you are smart with your travel and hotel choices.

Travelling to Eurodisney

Eurodisney is a day’s travel distance from many European countries so it’s possible even just to make a quick day trip. Eurostar and P&O ferries for example offer convenient and cheap day trip tickets.

  • Eurostar: Direct Eurostar trains from the UK to Eurodisney leave at 9.53am and leave from Eurodisney back to the UK at 7.37pm. The trains run every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. During UK school holidays the trains run every day. The train goes straight to Disneyland Resort. The ticket prices vary on how flexible you want the tickets to be and which class you choose. The prices for 2 adults and 2 children starts from as low as £200 from London.
  • Flying: Choosing a low cost airline can get you to Paris very cheap depending on where you’re flying from. Return tickets for a single person from London or Dublin to Paris go for around £100/€100. Budget airline tickets like EasyJet  can be considerably cheaper.
  • Driving: If you’re travelling from continental Europe, driving is probably the cheapest way for the family to travel. The ferry tickets from UK or Ireland add a little to your travelling expences, but the ferry tickets usually include up to 6 people in the car. Return ferry tickets go for under £50 from Dover to Calais. Return ferry tickets from Dublin to France are around €150
  • Train from Paris to Eurodisney takes about 35 minutes and costs under €6.70 per person

Tickets to Eurodisney

Eurodisney Hopper tickets give you access to both the Eurodisney amusement park and the Walt Disney Studios, so you can hop freely between the areas that interest and suit you. Attractiontix sells Day Hopper Tickets for £49/adults and £44/child. The Five day hopper tickets are £136/£120.

Keep your eyes open for ticket offers. Many travel agencies, as well as Eurostar and P&O Ferries often run special offers if you book your Hopper tickets along with your travel tickets.

Eurodisney Hotels

Eurodisney Hotels can range from lavish luxury of Disneyland Hotel to serious bootstrapping prices of Premier Classe, and everything in between. Disney’s hotels are a good choice, as most of them include free breakfast and free shuttle bus rides to the Eurodisney resort. Check Disneyland Paris Hotels for all hotels near Eurodisney.

Spending money and souvenirs

Spending money depends on where you like to eat and how much money you want to spend on souvenirs. You are not allowed to bring your own food to the resort, so either prepare to take some money for lunch with you, or prepare packed lunch that you can leave in the car and enjoy outside the resort. Souvenirs start from a few pound key rings. However, beware, everything in Eurodisney is quite pricey, but the thumb rule is to prepare to spend around €40 per person per day.

Image by Victoria Peckham